Hi Lo Design Co. is a design studio in
Albuquerque, NM.

We focus on web, print, logo design & marketing.



Hi Lo Design Co. Services


Our ultimate goal is to create websites that merge both form and function by focusing on content, usability, and design. Our design approach is rather simple – brainstorm and research what kind of identity you want to convey, and build a design that makes your vision accessible. Whether you’re looking for a new design, redesign, or user interface upgrade, Hi Lo Design Co. is happy to collaborate on projects both large and small.


In an ever-present digital world, there is still the need for the tangible. From stationery and postcards to company signage, we design anything that is printed. Each printed piece is an opportunity to engage customers and incorporate brand consistency. We work with quality print vendors to ensure the end result looks great going from screen to print.


Creating a brand identity is an essential part of growing your business. More than just your logo, a strong identity creates consistency and recognition for your target customers. We identify your company’s strengths and core values and bring them to life through custom graphics. Whether you seek a new design or a refresh of an existing brand, we can help you develop a unique identity to carry into your print material, website, and the overall branding experience.

Idea Lab

Hi Lo Design Co. welcomes ideas and collaborations that don’t necessarily fall within the traditional scope of business marketing. Exploratory projects that aid in finding new creative outlets can help inspire personal design growth and we simply reserve a space for these ideas. From a side project to non-profit work, the Idea Lab is a place that showcases the creativity in all forms.



My name is Ashley Treibel and I am the founder of Hi Lo Design Co., a small design studio based in Albuquerque, NM. We collaborate with clients and creative individuals to produce the kind of work we can be proud of. Focusing on visual design, we keep in mind things like brand consistency and user experience to ensure we meet our standards of quality and your business needs.


We are Albuquerque-based and Albuquerque-invested. We are devoted to creating engaging identities and compelling narratives for the businesses of New Mexico (so technically area codes 505 & 575). We have a passion for the big picture but we delight in the little details that bring a brand to life and reflects the core purpose of your business or the unique essence of a place.

Thougthful Design

At our core, we believe that thoughtful design and creative storytelling are the key ingredients to any successful brand and aim to blend both with all of the businesses we work with. We also savor new and unique design challenges that help us push our own limits as well as push those of our clients.

Our Process

Our process is collaborative, purposeful, and ultimately flexible – adapting to each client’s distinct and evolving needs by following our design procedure of:


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